Re-defining my Purpose

re-defining purpose

Inspiration is a powerful emotion, perhaps an emotion as powerful as love. It’s the driving force that leads one to create, generate, change, accomplish, and be better. Without inspiration, many of the world’s leaders, inventors, and geniuses wouldn’t have been able to change the world. It’s a beautiful thing, to find inspiration that is. It feels like the rush you get from skydiving or bungee jumping, an overwhelming surge of energy, that inexplicable feeling that we can conquer the world, that we can do anything.

I’m always looking for inspiration…in people, philanthropists, books, movements, documentaries, stories of success. And then one night I came across the documentary “Half the Sky”.

After watching it I wasn’t inspired, I actually felt hopeless. Then I read the book and I still felt hopeless because the thought that so many people in this world are in despair and might not ever see a way out of their situation breaks my spirit. I felt powerless…that I didn’t have the power to help large quantities of people, that I didn’t have Oprah’s money to build schools for children, adopt orphans, rescue girls in brothels, and end hunger. I was deeply saddened by the thoughts that ruminated in my mind day in and day out.

I started questioning myself. What is my purpose? What is my reason for being on this planet? What was I intended to do? Why has the universe given me so much and barely given anything to others? And then came the shift. And it happened on every level, from my neocortex to my soul. I no longer felt hopeless, I now felt inspired. It was that life-defining type of inspiration that catapulted me into a different direction in life. A life with purpose.

And so the idea to merge what I’m most passionate about in life together with my newfound purpose gave birth to “Travel With Purpose”, a non-profit movement to encourage others to travel and make a difference with a focus on empowering women and young girls. Through the years, traveling has enriched my soul. 34 countries, over 100 cities and 6 continents have given me a unique perspective on humans I wouldn’t have acquired if I wouldn’t have embarked on these journeys.

And so the inspiration led me to start the campaign Travel With Purpose: #STOPSexualSlavery. The way this campaign has resonated with so many people and the reaction from family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues has made me cathartic…bursting into tears in front of strangers in coffee shops, putting my phone on mute during conference calls and sobbing loudly as contribution emails appeared in my inbox, these moments of pure bliss have made me feel more alive than anything else I’ve ever done (including skydiving and bungee jumping)!

The amount of emails, messages, phone calls and re-posts of my campaign has been such a humbling experience. Everything has just been seamless. I used to think there were more jerks than good people in this world but what I’ve learned through this campaign is that that thought is far from true. So many of us want to help but get caught up in our lives, jobs, families, and our own suffering that we end up wishing and not doing. I’ve been a “wisher” for so long and now that I’m a “doer” I feel more fulfilled than I have my entire 36 years of being.

And of course the thought…”Why wasn’t I doing this before?” has been present in my mind, making me feel like I’ve wasted precious time…but no, I haven’t been wasting time. All these years that I’ve been working in the music business, meeting tons of people, artists, media, and influencers have been preparing me for this next chapter of my life. My extensive network is the blueprint for what I’m building. You have all been masons of this project…building it brick by brick. And now I’m here, re-defining my purpose, finding fulfillment in philanthropy with the hopes to plant seeds of hope in every child and woman I come across. -Loren


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